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10/06/2014 KITE Client App for iPad Released

The KITE Client App for iPad is now available for download from the App Store.

09/23/2014 Updates scheduled for Local Caching Server (LCS)

An updated version of the Local Caching Server (LCS) for KITE will be released on September 26. The next update is scheduled for December 22.

09/22/2014 KITE Client Update Available

An updated version of the KITE Client is now available for download. All previous versions should be uninstalled before installing the updated KITE Client. 


January 05

Only changes to enrollment since the November 7, 2014 preliminary deadline need to be modified.

January 08

KITE Client & LCS configuration, educator needs. Formatives, TEC & summative preparation, monitoring. See the Webinar Schedule for connection information, PowerPoint files, and recordings.

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